BUMBLEBEES CAN NOT FLY! Most of us have probably heard that this is what science proclaims. As is often the case it is not the full story. This scientific proclamation turned out to be a “faulty analogy between bees and conventional fixed-wing aircraft. Bees’ wings are small relative to their bodies. If an airplane were built the same way, it’d never get off the ground. But bees aren’t like airplanes, they’re like helicopters. Their wings work on the same principle as helicopter blades — to be precise, “reverse-pitch semirotary helicopter blades,” to quote one authority. A moving airfoil, whether it’s a helicopter blade or a bee wing, generates a lot more lift than a stationary one.

The real challenge with bees wasn’t figuring out the aerodynamics but the mechanics: specifically, how bees can move their wings so fast — roughly 200 beats per second, which is 10 or 20 times the firing rate of the nervous system. The trick apparently is that the bee’s wing muscles (thorax muscles, actually) don’t expand and contract so much as vibrate, like a rubber band. A nerve impulse comes along and twangs the muscle, much as you might pluck a guitar string, and it vibrates the wing up and down a few times until the next impulse comes along.” — Cecil Adams

aerodynamically impossible for bumblebees to fly

Man doesn’t have all the answers after all. If he eventually comes up with the answer oftentimes God’s Word had it all along and if man would have just read, understood, believed and applied what God had said he would have known these things much sooner and greatly benefited. One example of this which comes to mind is the practice of “bloodletting” that used to go on. Many people died as a result of purposely removing blood from the body in the attempt to “cure what ails ya”. That was such a foolish and dangerous thing. George Washington, the first U.S. President, died after having 3.75 liters of blood removed from his body within a 10 hour period as treatment for a throat infection . If scientists had only looked into God’s Word and understood what God had told man all of this could have been avoided. God’s Word says that “life is in the blood” (Levitcus 17:11). When a person or animal loses too much blood they will die … as life is in the blood!

God’s Word says that man is made in the image of God. God is the ultimate in intelligence and wisdom. With the exception of man He created everything that exists out of nothing. (Scripture tells us that He created man out of the dust of the earth and woman He created out of the rib bone of man.) Being made in the image of God man also creates. However, we have to have something to work with. We can not create something from nothing like God can and did. Man has managed to create some awesome things thruout history and in our generation man has truly accomplished some amazing things.

So when man doesn’t understand or have the answer … when we would say it is impossible for such a thing to happen or exist or work … we should always remember … “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27).

There are always those who come up with things like … can God create a rock so large He could not move it? There is an answer to that. God is a God of logic, of order and common sense. He is not stupid and would not do something like this and so such a question is absurd.

Science eventually comes up with many of the correct understandings including how a bumblebee can fly. The bible is always in full agreement with true science and true science is always in full agreement with the bible. The key here is the word TRUE science. There is usually disagreement between the bible and pseudoscience. By definition pseudoscience is a claim, belief or practice which is presented as scientific, but does not adhere to a valid scientific method, lacks supporting evidence or plausibility, cannot be reliably tested, or otherwise lacks scientific status. In other words pseudoscience is not science at all! It is a false science.

We can fully trust in God’s Word as it comes from God Who is trustworthy.

By the way, contrary to what you might have heard … pigs and elephants still can’t fly!

pig flying elephant flying



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