don’t know what is taught in schools nowadays, but when I went to school we learned about how in past history it was commonly accepted and believed that the earth was flat and if you ventured far enough in any direction you would eventually “fall off the edge”. It was a time I refer to as “THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY”.

flat earth

Fortunately man eventually discovered “it just ain’t so” and we moved on from there … for which I am most thankful. I have traveled by U.S. Navy destroyers over 200,000 miles on the oceans of the world and never once did we come near any edge.

ship at edge of the world

There have been a number of things man has greatly misunderstood and had all wrong in the past and no doubt this is still the case today. God has told us in His Word about many many things which come under the heading of science. A few which I will touch on are: the folly of bloodletting (life is in the blood), the water cycle, stars emitting sounds, the “foundations” of the earth, springs in the oceans, false science, our sun and moon, lightning and thunder,  heavenly expanse, wind currents, seed and harvest, foods most beneficial to man, ocean currents, and the list goes on. Among the things that are found in the bible is the truth about the earth being a sphere. Now man had the bible for a very long time before man discovered that the earth is round and not flat after all. (Read Isaiah 40:22 … “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth” … also read Job 26: 7 & 10 and Proverbs 8:27) In fact Proverbs 8 is a great chapter speaking of many of these things.

If only man would look to God and His Word a whole lot of things would be different. Think about it … the truth was there right along yet man believed utter nonsense for a very long time. Man in all his wisdom and intelligence oftentimes is rather stupid. Interestingly when these truths were finally discovered it was often Christians reading God’s Word who brought it out and fought these “enlightened scientists” who held these wrong views and positions. It was difficult to change the mindset of the scientific community. It is still that way to this day.

Amazingly there are still THOSE who say that they believe the nonsense of a flat earth. I haven’t read much about them to know if they are really serious or not. They are actually called THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY.

man with head in sand

As for me I choose to believe God over man whenever there is any difference in “opinion”. Many people choose to disbelieve the bible and reject it as foolishness. God has said that they are fools. There is no argument from me on this matter. Anyone who chooses to disbelieve and reject God and His Word do so at their own peril. They won’t be able to say that they weren’t warned and that they weren’t given opportunity. They will be without excuse.                                                                                             

Don’t be a fool!


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