WHAT’S WRONG WITH __________?

The internet and search engines have become so very handy to look stuff up. Of course, just because one finds something on the internet does not make it factual trustworthy truth. I had a pastor once many years ago who used to say “you can make your mouth say anything”. When it comes to scriptural truth God has made it very clear that there are those who mislead others. God has instructed us to search the scriptures diligently and to properly understand and apply God’s Word. We are not just to accept any and everything that is presented. Many many things come to mind when I think about this subject. Getting back to the internet and search engines one of the popular means of searching is to type in “what’s wrong with _____________?” (fill in the blank).  I have done this many times. 

I just checked the “stat” page of this blog and noticed that somebody visited this blog as a result of an internet search for “has anybody went to purgatory”. I would assume that they are Catholic as Catholics are the only ones I know of who believe in such nonsense. In the Tom Cruise movie, “Jerry Maguire”, a line has become well known … “Show me the money”. To anyone who believes in “purgatory” I say “show it to me in the bible”. Therein lies the problem … people believe all sorts of falsehoods accepting these things without ever checking it out for themselves. God has said “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge“. (Hosea 4:6) We get caught up in false teachings and if we believe and follow them we greatly endanger our eternal souls. God has given us His Word. We are responsible to study it and are accountable to Him. We should never just accept something we hear or read as truth without checking it out against what God has said in His Word.

What I am writing about here may come across as unloving but actually just the opposite is true. If I didn’t care about the eternal soul of others I would just keep silent. It is not loving toward others to allow them to walk down a path of destruction. It is loving to warn them and try to rescue them from destruction. If you were sound asleep in bed at 2:30 in the morning and I was driving by your house and noticed it was on fire would you want me to just pass on by and let you sleep or would you want me to stop and try to awaken you and your family so that you could escape the danger?

Have you ever looked at and thought about the word “PROTESTANT”? … PROTEST & ANT which is one who protests. So what are they protesting? Martin Luther started it all. He was a Catholic who dared to look into the bible for himself to see what it says. Upon doing so he realized how messed up the Catholic religion is … how it has so many things very wrong … not in accord with what God has said in His Word. Martin Luther could no longer just sit back and continue on with the teachings and practices of the Catholic church. He could not just remain silent. He protested these false teachings and practices he had discovered by reading the bible.

When I first got out of the Navy I went to work as a maintenance weldor at Kraft Foods. Shortly before I hired in something happened which I was told about. Two maintenance mechanics were up on the roof of the building walking along during the night when it was quite dark and they couldn’t see very well. The area of the roof they were walking on had multiple levels and no kind of railing along the edge of the roof to keep someone from stepping off the edge and falling down onto the level of the roof below. They were walking along one in front of the other when the lead man stepped off the edge and fell onto the roof level below. The man following him did the exact same thing. You might say it was a case of the blind leading the blind. Fortunately neither of them got seriously hurt. Why they didn’t have flashlights with them and use them I don’t understand. Many laughs resulted of the telling of this story. In the image below you can see the various levels of the roof. The dark areas are higher than the lighter areas and there are even different levels among the dark areas.

Kraft Foods Plant

I share it here because it illustrates exactly what is going on in any false religion. The only difference is those who step off the edge plummet into eternal damnation. How tragic … especially since we have God’s Word to light our way. Like these two maintenance mechanics most people walking along are not using the light to help them avoid tragedy.

My sister and her husband as well as my wife used to be Catholic. My brother in law did as Martin Luther did. He looked into God’s Word for himself and found the truth and saw the great falsehoods of the Catholic church. Many people have left the Catholic church as a result of discovering the truth and understanding the deception and danger of the false religion that they had been a part of.

Let’s look at some of the things people believe that are not in accord with God’s Word. I am not going to take the time and go to the effort to type all this out as there are numerous resources available already …

What’s Wrong With Roman Catholicism?

False Doctrines

Why Catholics Are Going To Hell

Are Roman Catholics Christian?

Much of this not only applies to the Catholic church but it also applies to other false religions.

What Is A False Religion?


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