Alright, who did it? Who is responsible for all this I see? Was it you? I didn’t think so. And it surely wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. And I am quite sure it wasn’t George who did it even though people are always saying “Let George do it”. So then, who did it? I bet the majority of you don’t know the answer … or at least wouldn’t admit to knowing the correct answer. Deep down inside our innermost being we all truly know the correct answer. We just tend to be in denial. Some people foolishly believe that nobody did it … that it all just happened all by itself. When you stop and think about it that takes a whole lot of faith.

fall colors in valley

The thing I find most interesting about the entire matter is that we are free to think and believe whatever we want to. Yes, we can believe that nobody did it … that it just happened. And there is a very good chance that we might even get away with thinking such a thing … at least for awhile. But I want to assure you that such foolish thinking will eventually catch up with you.

Somebody most certainly made everything that exists … both the seen and the unseen. Who was it? The holy scriptures declare that Jesus Christ created everything that exists (John 1:3, Colossians 1:16). That includes us and that means we are accountable to Him. When we come to the end of this life He has given us we will answer to Him. Our eternal fate will already be determined when we die. We will not have any more opportunity to do anything to effect our eternal destination. And none of us know if we will even have the next breath and heartbeat. If we die “in our sins” we will surely perish in eternal damnation in hellfire. God has warned us! It is so very dangerous to procrastinate. God offers us salvation now. Tomorrow may be too late. What will you do with Jesus?

HERE are various resources available to help you further understand and resolve the sin problem and aid you in coming to Jesus Christ on His terms.


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