As I write this Hurricane Irma is approaching and Hurricane Harvey just ended. Forest fires are numerous and raging out of control in several western states. Over the past several years we have had bad droughts in some places and way too much rain in other places. Tornadoes have ravaged many areas. A rather unusual summer is ending … one with lots of rain and flooding and below normal temperatures some places and extreme heat in other places. What’s happening? And why is it happening? HERE is a well written article which does a good job explaining it all. In addition to our gross immorality which is bringing God’s judgement upon us there is another very important reason why we are seeing all of this. We are under God’s curse as a result of continuing to try to divide the land of Israel. Messing with Israel, the apple (or pupil) of God’s eye by attempting to broker a peace deal betwen Israel and the Palestinians whose leaders are terrorists and want only to totally destroy Israel. All these attempted peace deals have one thing in common … Israel has to give up THEIR land in order to try to live in peace with their neighbors who hate them for no reason other than Satan has put it in their hearts. READ what has happened to America in the past when America has attempted to divide Israel’s land. God has warned the nations of the world not to do this and of the consequences of doing so (read Joel 3). Yes, I believe America is in God’s crosshairs … and is fully deserving of it. He is trying to get our attention wanting us to repent and turn back to Him. To a very great degree we hold our destiny..


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